Camera Rail - Extended
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Camera Rail - Extended

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DAM Useful Rail system with Extended Rail

DAM Useful Camera Rail System for turning your camera into a high-quality, high-volume scanner. These are built from vintage Nikon slide duplicator parts and Arca-compatible mounting hardware. They provide a perfectly aligned method for using your DSLR or mirrorless camera and macro lens for camera scanning. 

These units are modified in a couple ways: I removed the diffusion glass so that it can produce even, full frame illumination against a light table or other diffuse light source. Additionally, I’ve filed out the corners of the negative stage so that you get a nice black border on negative scans. 

Use this rail with the use of lenses longer than 60mm on a full frame camera (e.g. Canon 90mm macro).

If you are using a 40-60mm lens on full frame camera, or a 30-40mm lens on APS-C, you can purchase the standard rail version.

Not included: Camera, Macro lens, Arca-compatible camera plate. We suggest getting a plate that is dedicated for your particular camera to ensure perfect alignment. 

Additional Accessories:

Dedicated Light Kit for this rail system - $200 

Camera bag for Rail System and Light kit - $40 

The long rail system comes with 350mm rail, filed out slide/negative stage and shade extensions.  Arca-compatible camera mount. Camera not included.

If you are not sure which rail you need, send your questions to Be sure to include your camera and lens details.




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