Nikon PS-5 Rail System
Nikon PS-5 Rail System
DAM Useful

Nikon PS-5 Rail System

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The DAM Useful Camera Rail System turns your camera into a high-quality, high-volume scanner. These are built from vintage Nikon PS-5 slide duplicator film stages and Arca-compatible mounting hardware. They provide a perfectly aligned method for using your DSLR or mirrorless camera and macro lens for camera scanning. 

This unit can accommodate mounted slides and unmounted film, but it has no “arms” to support film strip. It has a wide slot for mounted slides such as glass mount and other specialty mounted 35mm slides. Since it does not have the support arms, it’s less optimal for large scanning projects of unmounted film.

These units are modified in a couple ways: I removed the diffusion glass so that it can produce even, full frame illumination against a light table or other diffuse light source. Additionally, I’ve filed out the corners of the negative stage so that you get a nice black border on negative scans. 

Here’s a sample image showing the black border effect. This is not added in Photoshop - it’s actually part of the scan. Note that each device will produce a slightly different black border.

This version is suitable for use with a full frame camera and 60mm lens (or shorter), or an APS-C camera with a 40mm lens (or shorter).

If you wish to use a longer macro lens, purchase the extended rail upgrade ($40).


  • Nikon PS-5 film stage for mounted slides and unmounted 35mm film
  • 220mm Rail with end clamp
  • Dual clamp carriage to hold camera

    Not included: Camera, Macro lens, Arca-compatible camera plate, tripod or light source. We suggest getting a plate that is dedicated for your particular camera to ensure perfect alignment.

    Additional Accessories:

    Extended Rail Upgrade - $40
    Dedicated Light Kit for this rail system - $250

    If you aren't sure you need the PS-5 rail, review Peter's video:


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