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This is an independent store for books written by Digital Asset Management expert Peter Krogh and his fellow photographers and collaborators. 

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 The 3rd edition has arrived! Establish a wholistic approach to the creation, storage and deployment of your photographic media. 


The DAM Book 3.0 

Currently available in PDF. Future formats: ePub, DVD and Paperback 


Bring clarity and simplicity to your photo system. Use Peter Krogh's 3-step approach to build an image library knowing your collection rests on strong foundations.

Organizing Your Photos
with Lightroom 5

Available in Paperback, EPUB, PDF & DVD


comprehensive step-by-step guide for equipment selection, photo preparation, scanning workflow, tagging, curation and digital photo management.

Digitizing Your Photos
with Your Camera and Lightroom 

Available in Paperback, PDF, EPUB, DVD & USB

Create solid multi-catalog workflow using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5. 

Multi-Catalog Workflow with Lightroom 5

Available in EPUB, PDF & DVD


Steve Uzzell's photographic work serves as a universal blueprint for problem solving.

 Open Roads Open Minds 

by Steve Uzzell

Available in Paperback & PDF