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The DAM Book 3.0

$ 31.46 $ 34.95

The DAM Book 3.0 is in pre-release.

As with all our books, this one aims to help you see the elements as a whole ecosystem. And like the other books, we strive to make complicated sets of relationships become easier to understand.

As we near publication, we begin pre-release sales of the book. The initial delivery will be Chapter One, entitled Visually Speaking. This chapter sets the scope for the entire book.  The team is running full-speed to get complete the full book.  We'll have the next release of chapters of you by the end of March, and possible one after that. 

We know that many of you are anxious to modernize the way you manage your media collections, and we're hustling to get it into your hands as fast, and accurate as possible,

And, as always, if you are a VIP member, your 10% discount applies. You can find your code in your fulfillment email of your first order.

Table of Contents

For educators and press, review copies of the book are available upon request. Please complete this form to request a copy.

  • Format: PDF
  • Pages: 37, Chapter 1 only



     PDF for immediate download: $34.95 PRESALE $31.46


Future Formats


    Paperback: $59.95


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