The DAM Book 3.0 digital download
The DAM Book 3.0 digital download
The DAM Book 3.0 digital download
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The DAM Book 3.0 digital download

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You’ve seen the monumental changes in the world of photography. You are anxious to modernize the way you are managing your media collections. And now you have a comprehensive guide to navigate your hardware, software, and cloud connectivity questions.

As with Peter’s previous books, The DAM Book 3.0 aims to help you see the elements as a whole ecosystem. And like the other books, he’s managed to make a complicated set of relationships easier to understand. Peter has come to see the new world of photography as an integrated extension of the one we’ve known all along.

The DAM Book 3.0 will make readers more comfortable with the changes, and to see how they are (mostly) wondrous. The first chapter sets the scope for the entire book, allowing you to see how the parts fit together. It was shaped by a series of talks Peter gave over the last five years at SXSW, exploring the intersection of photography, technology, media and culture.

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The DAM Book 3.0 Chapters

1 – Visually Speaking
2 – A Digital Photography Ecosystem
3 – Image Objects and File Formats
4 – How Metadata Works
5 – Using Metadata
6 – Logical Structure
7 – Digital Storage Hardware
8 – Backup, Verification and Restoration
9 – Workflow and Lifecycle
10 – Software Options
11 – Export, Share, Embed and Integrate
12 – Migration

For educators and press, review copies of the book are available upon request. Please complete this form to request a copy.

  • Format: PDF eBook
  • Pages: 536
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